About Me

Being a solo mom is difficult, regardless of the reason for your “singleness.”  Encouraging other solo moms in their faith and with their finances is my passion, and the goal of this blog.

I have learned many helpful lessons over the past 6 years; often, these were learned the hard way – through trial and error.

I am a solo mom of two daughters; one is 25 and married, one is 14 and a freshman in high school.  Yes, that’s quite a gap between them.  And yes, they have the same father.  People have actually asked me that before; rather tactless of them.  Go figure.

I work full-time at the state psychiatric hospital in the security department.  That’s right – I am a security guard at my state’s mental hospital.  Didn’t foresee THAT ever happening, but here I am.  I have also worked as a 911 call taker, so I am accustomed to stress in the workplace.  🙂

My journey through this life as a single mom started with the death of my husband in June 2011.  Through that experience, and in the years since, my faith and been challenged and strengthened, and I have seen God’s provision for myself and my daughters.


So here’s what my life revolves around right now – two daughters and a wonderful son-in-law, two cats and one old dog, two blogs and a full-time job outside the home.  I manage to keep busy!

This blog is a “spin off” of my other blog, Starting Over … Again, where I post about organization ideas, easy recipes and DIY ideas, etc.

I have a passion for sharing my journey of faith as a single mom, and sharing the financial challenges of being a single mom.  The focus of this blog is on the faith and finances aspect of being a single mom.  My goal is that you find encouragement in my posts, and realize you are not alone.