Student Loan Debt
Here is a guest post from Jacob at, who has a personal finance/lifestyle blog.  The topic of student loan debt weighs heavily on many of us, and this is a great article that talks about the non-financial toll of student debts.  Check it out, and make sure to stop by […]

Student Loan Debt And Its Impact on You

Ear Money - 6 Best Survey Sites
Filling out online surveys is one of the best ways in which you can make money part-time. Whether you’re a student or you just want to boost your income, filling out online surveys is a great way to make some spare change. These are some of the best survey sites […]

Earn Money Online – 6 Best Survey Sites

Debt - I Really Hate It!
I hate debt. I mean I really hate it.  It has dogged me for years.  During our marriage, my husband and I accumulated quite a bit.  I was never one to use credit cards before we got married.  They just weren’t a part of my spending habits.  If I wanted […]

Debt – I Really Hate It!

Debt Snowball - How It Worked For Me 2
(This post appeared previously on my other blog, Starting Over … Again. ) This post contains affiliate links.  This means if you click on them, I make a little money.  : ) Have you heard about the Debt Snowball Method for debt reduction?  It’s a great system to get rid […]

Debt Snowball – How It Worked For Me

Wells Fargo Credit Line - Paid Off 2
I wrote a post awhile back (Credit Card Debt – Gone!) about my struggles and eventual victory to get out of credit card debt.  At that Point, I had only two big debts left to wipe out; my daughter’s student loans and the credit line my husband and I had […]

Wells Fargo Credit Line – Paid Off!

Easy ways to clean up that debt. Dont wait until Spring to clean up the debts. Get out of debt NOW! 1
The Fall always feels like a time of renewal for me … I have even been known to make resolutions in the Fall!  You can begin to get out from under your debt any time of the year – it doesn’t have to be Spring!  All you need to do is take […]

Spring Clean Your Debt – In the Fall

Credit Card Debt - GONE!
BOOM! (Mic drop) And it’s done … the credit card debt that I have tried to pay off for so long is gone.  I made the last payment on the last credit card this week.  All the stress from having that credit card debt hanging over my head is through … […]

Credit Card Debt – GONE!