Scriptures About Debt - What God's Word Says About Managing Money
Here are some scriptures about debt.  Hopefully these will help us to focus on getting rid of debt, and make sure we are living according to God’s Word when it comes to how we handle money, and staying out of debt.  We can all use some reminders, and encouragement to […]

Scriptures About Debt – What God’s Word Says About Handling ...

Student Loan Debt 1
Here is a guest post from Jacob at, who has a personal finance/lifestyle blog.  The topic of student loan debt weighs heavily on many of us, and this is a great article that talks about the non-financial toll of student debts.  Check it out, and make sure to stop by […]

Student Loan Debt And Its Impact on You

Ear Money - 6 Best Survey Sites
Filling out online surveys is one of the best ways in which you can make money part-time. Whether you’re a student or you just want to boost your income, filling out online surveys is a great way to make some spare change. These are some of the best survey sites […]

Earn Money Online – 6 Best Survey Sites

Debt - I Really Hate It!
I hate debt. I mean I really hate it.  It has dogged me for years.  During our marriage, my husband and I accumulated quite a bit.  I was never one to use credit cards before we got married.  They just weren’t a part of my spending habits.  If I wanted […]

Debt – I Really Hate It!

Debt Snowball - How It Worked For Me 4
(This post appeared previously on my other blog, Starting Over … Again. ) This post contains affiliate links.  This means if you click on them, I make a little money.  : ) Have you heard about the Debt Snowball Method for debt reduction?  It’s a great system to get rid […]

Debt Snowball – How It Worked For Me

Wells Fargo Credit Line - Paid Off 2
I wrote a post awhile back (Credit Card Debt – Gone!) about my struggles and eventual victory to get out of credit card debt.  At that Point, I had only two big debts left to wipe out; my daughter’s student loans and the credit line my husband and I had […]

Wells Fargo Credit Line – Paid Off!

Easy ways to clean up that debt. Dont wait until Spring to clean up the debts. Get out of debt NOW! 1
The Fall always feels like a time of renewal for me … I have even been known to make resolutions in the Fall!  You can begin to get out from under your debt any time of the year – it doesn’t have to be Spring!  All you need to do is take […]

Spring Clean Your Debt – In the Fall

Credit Card Debt - GONE! 2
BOOM! (Mic drop) And it’s done … the credit card debt that I have tried to pay off for so long is gone.  I made the last payment on the last credit card this week.  All the stress from having that credit card debt hanging over my head is through … […]

Credit Card Debt – GONE!