Well, I told you about the cucumbers in my garden … today it’s the tomatoes.  I love tomatoes, and last year I planted four tomato plants.  And they were growing great – the best they ever had before.  They totally outgrew their cages, and were expanding everywhere.  And they were loaded with little green […]

Patience Lesson #2 From My Garden

patience 1
Here is the first lesson in which God used my garden to remind me of something important.  He reminded me to have patience.  He used cucumbers to do it – God can be SO creative sometimes.  And He has to be creative when teaching me – sometimes very random things […]

Patience – Lessons from My Garden

Give hope and blessing to others and you end up with hope and blessing for yourself. 1
(This is a post about hope that I wrote two years ago on Starting Over …  Again, back in November 2014 – right after I had lost my job.  I found it today, and felt it might help others – so I’ve posted it here.)   Sitting here in front of […]

Hope and Blessing – Giving and Receiving

origins of Thanksgiving
On this Thanksgiving Day, here is some information about the origins of Thanksgiving and how this particular national holiday came into being: “Thanksgiving is a holiday we all know and love, but the origins of this celebration are slightly mysterious. That’s because they occurred in the early beginnings of American […]

Origins of Thanksgiving

I want to take a minute and share with you some notes from a sermon at our church a couple weeks ago.  This topic hit close to home, because it was about anxiety and worry.  And with all that has been happening lately, I have been returning to my worrying habits. […]

Anxiety and Worry Are Useless!

gratitude 2
Have you ever wanted to just shout at someone, “GET OVER YOURSELF!” That person at work … on Facebook … in your family … that is constantly complaining and whining about the problems in their life.  Everything is a trial, every story is accompanied by a moan and heavy sigh.  You know their […]


Words from God 3
Have you ever felt that you are hearing words from God?  I want to share a passage of Scripture that I have “claimed” for many years.  This is a passage that has special meaning for me since way back in college. I was in the midst of waiting for a […]

Words from God

How Giving Can Inspire You 2
I have felt for a long time now that tithing is an essential part of my spiritual walk and my growth as a Christian.  The importance of giving back to God was impressed upon me from an early age; not that He needs the money Himself, but that we need to be […]

How Giving Can Inspire You

Tithing As A Widow
(This is a re-post from my previous blog.  I ran across it today, and thought it would go nicely with a few recent posts on this blog.) Does this strike a chord with anyone? Tithing may be a sore subject with some people.  Others may embrace this philosophy wholeheartedly.  Either […]

Tithing As A Widow