Cut Grocery Spending Down to Size

Cut Grocery Spending Down To Size 1

It’s not always easy to keep your grocery spending in check.  When you have to watch every dime, and make it go as far as possible, you need some good ideas and encouragement.

Here are a few ways that I have found to cut grocery spending down to size, and make every dollar in your food budget work harder:

  • Set a budget for grocery spending.  Making a budget – and sticking to it – is the biggest help in keeping your food spending in line.  It’s easy for you to spend too much money if you don’t have a specific amount each month categorized for groceries.


  • Pay in cash.  That’s right – go to the bank and take your budgeted amount out of your bank account, then put it in an envelope marked “Food.”  That is the easiest way to make sure that you don’t overspend.  Only spend out of that envelope, and when it’s gone … it’s gone.  Stick to your budget!


  • Buy fruits and vegetables in season.  Certain types of produce will be in season at various times of the year, therefore plentiful and less expensive.  Watch for sales at your local grocery stores, and then stock up.  For example, tomatoes hit their peak season from July through September.  This is a great time to add tomatoes to salads and other summer recipes, and to freeze them for use later in soups and sauces.  Here is a link to Quick Tips for How to Freeze Tomatoes.


  • Buy store brands when possible.  They are almost always comparable to national brands, but cost less.  Most larger grocery stores will carry their own brands of items.  They may be found on the lower or upper shelves – the middle shelves (at eye level) are usually reserved for the higher-priced national brand items.  Buying the generic or store brands means you can still feed your family the food items they like, but at a more manageable price.


Here is a helpful link to Dave Ramsey’s “5 Ways to Cut Your Grocery Bill Without Coupons:


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Here is a great tool for using the envelope method of paying cash for such things as groceries, etc:

Rachel Cruze – Envelope System Wallet


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