November Money Saving Tips

We are heading into 6 weeks of holidays, gift-giving, parties, holiday décor, etc.  Most of us intend to fully enjoy the holiday season, but cringe at the amount of money we are faced with spending during this time.  Here are a few November money saving tips to help – some items to stock up on this month to keep your wallet happy, and make you smile.  There are always good buys each month; things that go on sale and we can stock up on for use in the future.

Money Saving Tips – Halloween Costumes and Decorations:

Once the last fun-size candy bar has been handed out on October 31st, the stores immediately switch gears – it’s a mad dash to clear the Halloween merch and put out all the Christmas merch.  So prices are greatly reduced on “all thing Halloween.”

If you want to try your hand at anticipating what your kids want to dress as next Halloween, and what size they will be, you can get good deals on costumes.  Most costume prices are bare bones  see what I did there  after Halloween.  If you feel confident in your ability to forecast the future, then go for it.  Or you can always make a trip to Goodwill next year to put together a custom-made costume.  Here’s my link about buying costumes at Goodwill.

November Money Saving Tips
November Money Saving Tips

Decorations, on the other hand, are a great item to buy in November!  This is one of the best money saving tips:  buy holiday items after the holiday is over –  to have for next year’s holiday.  I walked into our local Craft Warehouse this week, and all the crafty decorations you could want were on sale for 70% off.  I got 4 small pumpkins for $1.50 each; they were originally $5 each.  I will use them, along with other items, next year to create a centerpiece for the dining room table.  For now, they will go in the box marked “Fall Decorations” in the extra bedroom.  And the $14 I saved on them?  That stayed in my wallet.

Money Saving Tips – Grocery Sales:

There will be big sales at the grocery store this month, with Thanksgiving and all.  If there are traditional Thanksgiving foods that your family enjoys year-round (ours is stuffing) then stock up on these items now while they are on sale.  Whether its cranberry sauce, turkey, etc. – fill your pantry/freezer with these foods now and enjoy them year round.  Who says you only eat stuffing at Thanksgiving?!?!

Check for coupons to increase your savings on food items as well.  You can stack a coupon with sales prices and rake in greater savings.  A good website to use is Coupon Mom, or the Totally Target Facebook Page.  Both of these are great!  I even wrote a post about Totally Target here!


What are your money saving tips for November?  What is your favorite thing to shop for this month?

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