Thrfty Roundup - Money Saving Christmas Links

Thrifty Christmas Ideas

In the spirit of Black Friday and Cyber Monday – in which, on both counts, I do not participate – here are a few thrifty Christmas ideas from choice sites/posts from other bloggers that you might find helpful this time of year.   We all would love to have a less stressful holiday with less strain on our wallets and bank accounts; it just takes a little information and foresight.

You can also check out my recent post, 4 Ideas To Make Planning For Christmas 2017 Easier … and One Tip To Help Out With Christmas 2016, but a word of warning:  this post is geared mostly toward planning for NEXT Christmas, with just one tip you can use for this Christmas.  Freaky, I know … can’t I just take one holiday at a time?!?!?!  Well, I am all about planning ahead … this post really does that!  🙂

TA DA!  Here they are … thrifty Christmas ideas to help with your holidays:

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Temporary Budget Cuts For the Holidays:  this is from Dave Ramsey, about saving money during the holidays.

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How To Save On DIY Gifts For The Holidays – this is from Carolyn at

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10 Best Gifts for Men, Under $30 – this is from the blog of Sara Titus, where “saving money never goes out of style.”

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10 Smart Ways to Save on the Holidays – from Ruth at Living Well, Spending Less

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10 Ways Thrifty People Save Money on Groceries – from Snail Pace Transformations

There you have it; hope that these nifty thrifty Christmas ideas are helpful at this time of year.  We all want to keep a little more cash in our pockets, and it can be done … with a little bit of planning!  🙂

What’s your favorite money saving tip for the holidays?  Share it in the comments below, or link to a post you’ve written about saving money during the holidays.  Thanks!


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