Peace - Prayers for My Daughters 3
This is another post in my series of Prayers for My Daughters.  I haven’t posted one in awhile, but thought it was about time.  But I have had the verses picked out for this post about peace for a long time.  These are some verses that I have turned to […]

Prayers for My Daughters – PEACE

Praying Against Fear
From butterflies in our stomach to night terrors, we have all experienced fear.  And so have our children, unfortunately.  As much as we wish we could spare them, they will be fearful and anxious about things.  Children of single moms seem to struggle with fear and anxiety even more than […]

Praying Against Fear and Anxiety

Prayers for My Daughter - Joy 2
(Here is another in my series of prayers for my daughters;  this one about joy) One of the best parts of being a mom is seeing our children joyful.  The smile on their faces and the light in their eyes makes our heart happy, and lifts our spirits.  Their joy […]

Prayers for My Daughters – JOY

Thanksgiving prayer
Since Thanksgiving is all about, well … giving thanks … I thought it would be appropriate to take a look at some Bible verses about thanksgiving (giving thanks to God), and a beautiful Thanksgiving prayer I found.  I hope that these verses will remind us where they gifts we have […]

Thanksgiving Prayer

Prayers For My Daughters - FRIENDS 4
(This is part of a series of posts focusing on prayers for my daughters.  I have one adult daughter, and an almost-teen daughter.  I have prayed for them their whole lives; sometimes I prayed diligently, sometimes sporadically.  I wish that I had prayed more frequently, and I am trying to […]

Prayers For My Daughters – FRIENDS

Prayers For My Daughters - PROTECTION 3
(This is part of a series of prayers for my daughters that I have created to encourage me to pray for them on a more consistent basis.  I hope that you will find these prayers helpful as well.) Just like any other parent, I worry about my daughters.  I worry about […]

Prayers For My Daughters – PROTECTION

Prayers For My Daughters - LOVE 1
(This is part of a series of prayers for my daughters. I want to pray for them on a more regular basis, and these prayers are a part of that. I hope you find them helpful as well.) One of my biggest prayers for my daughters is that they will […]

Prayers for My Daughters – LOVE