Credit Card Debt - GONE!

Credit Card Debt – GONE!

BOOM! (Mic drop)

And it’s done … the credit card debt that I have tried to pay off for so long is gone.  I made the last payment on the last credit card this week.  All the stress from having that credit card debt hanging over my head is through … finished … done and over.  🙂 Now, I have to say that I still have some debt.  There is the credit line/personal loan that I am still paying off … and that is about $12,000 left to go.  And the student loan payments from my oldest daughter’s time in college.  She has her payments to make and I have mine.  So there is still a long ways left to go before I am totally debt free. But it can certainly move a little faster, now that more money is freed up from paying off the credit card debt. So for now … let me just celebrate this milestone.  This along-awaited, oft-dreamed-of day when I owe nothing to Citibank, Visa, Discover, etc.  Nothing else needs to be paid to them.  No more statements in the mailbox or my email inbox.  No more automatic payments from my bank account, showing such a small amount left in my bank account after those payments.  The credit card companies are now left to themselves, without my hard-earned money going into their pockets.  What will they do without me!

Ah, well you see … the sad truth is … I DON’T CARE!  🙂

My goal was to pay off the last of the credit card debt before the end of the year.  And I have done that!

And after I lost my job in early October, I didn’t think that would be possible.  But God is certainly full of surprises, and this one is an especially nice surprise.  How can it be possible for me – without a job for now 2 1/2 months – to be able to payoff the remaining credit card debt … AND also pay off the last of the bill for the local Les Schwab tire center … in the SAME MONTH?!?!?!?!  It’s a two-for-one BONUS!


We have been so blessed.  It doesn’t seem possible.  Where did the money come from?  It’s just not logical.  If you had told me I would be in this place 2 months ago, I would have accused you of smoking crack.  How can a single mom with a daughter at home to support, and no job to pay the bills, manage to somehow pay those bills, put food on the table, and still have a nice Christmas?!?!?!  It’s the “loaves and fishes” thing all over again … happening right in front of my eyes.

IT’S GOD … Plain and simple.

OK, now you all have an idea of where I stand on who gets credit for all this.  😉 You can read about how all this started here:  Debt – I Really Hate It!

And for more tips about saving, you can start here:  How To Save Money – Automate Your Savings!


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