Lower College Costs - ideas to help lower your cost of living while in college, and decrease costs.

Lower Your College Cost of Living

It hit me the other day that I have only 5 years until my youngest will be going off to college.

There … I said it.

It’s hard to imagine that she soon will:

  • be getting her learners permit to drive in 2 years
  • have a drivers license in 3 years
  • have graduated from high school, and be heading off to college in 5 years

AND, she wants to attend college on the East Coast!?!?  What is up with that!?!?!  No offense, East Coast-ers … but that’s a long distance from our home base, so that’s out-of-state tuition, lots of expensive plane fares for me to go see her, and her to fly home to see me, etc.  Oy vey!

Life is changing fast.  These next few years will fly by.  So it got me thinking about lower college costs.  Now, I am doing whatever I can to plan for college for her.  And saving for college will be a conversation for a future blog post(s).  We are still figuring all that out at the moment, as I try to banish any lingering debt and get a firm financial foundation in place.

But what about some ideas on how to control expenses, and lower college costs while you are in college?

I thought this would be a timely post about lowering your college cost of living expenses.  It is that time of year, after all. No, not pumpkin latte season …. well, that too.  But college students are heading back to campus, and there might be a few ways to lower their college cost of living a bit.

Lower College Costs and Your Cost of Living


Here is some cool info, passed along to me by Valerie Cox of highervisibility.com, that shows how to save money on all those college necessities.  It’s always good to have a hand in saving for college expenses – you might not have control over the tuition you pay, but you can sure take control over the other expenses involved in heading off to college! (This one has a cool infographic, so check it out!)


The Best Ways to Save on a College Budget


And here is an article by The Balance, all about how to lower your costs while on campus.


5 Ways to Lower Your College Cost of Living


This article from educationplanner.org, called 10 Ways to Reduce College Costs, has some great ideas about how to get the most out of college and still graduating with a minimum of debt!


Here are some links to other posts about college and debt:

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